Thursday, August 9, 2012

Error retrieving address of IopRootDeviceNode

!devnode 0 1 produces "Error retrieving address of IopRootDeviceNode"

This basically means that you have no symbols for your OS version. If you have set to download symbols from, but still getting error, then most probably you are using non-released version of OS and you have to download package with PDBs manually.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Manual crash dumps on Windows

Microsoft KB about generating a memory dump file by using the keyboard was not clear for me in terms of how to generate crash dump using custom key sequence instead of ctrl-scrollock. 

After some googling, I have created these reg-files to generate manual crash dump on Windows by pressing "Ctrl-D" twice:

For PS/2 (notebook keyboards works too):
For USB keyboards:
Just copy-paste one from above to file with crash.reg, run it, restart the system and you will be able to generate crash dump manually with custom key sequence by pressing Ctrl-D twice.

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